The broken rebel

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What if you knew in your heart someone had died, but you couldn’t prove it? Tess’s brother disappeared a year ago, and her search for him leads only to empty roads. She’s ready to give up college and her career to continue the search. Meanwhile, her sister is on the verge of alcoholism, and her old crush has returned to town to make amends with the past. And in the middle of it all is a mysterious man with sage advice and a broken-down motorcycle like the one her brother was riding when he vanished. As she tries to take to the road for one last search, Tess must choose between her obsession and her future.

Also featuring stories of others seeking closure which limits them moving forward, including a motorcycle crying Puh, a damsel whose rescue is distressing, a writer who isn’t clowning around, and more!

High  octane  and  hilarious,  The Broken Rebel continues The Walking Jesters humor series, stories of overcoming tragedy with comedy.

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