Remember When They Wore Pants Cover Desi

Captain Sakka Inu is a shiba inu dog and master of his domain, but his domain is undergoing a big change. Strange forces outside are keeping his people inside. As the pandemic rages, he’s stuck with two humans who grow dopier by the day. The changes begin small—obsessive cleaning around the house—and then escalate into a de-evolution of slacking grooming habits, flaming cooking skills, and overall unpredictable behavior.

Also trapped in the quarantine nightmare are Captain Sakka’s cat compadres: Patrico Suave and Lillith. Each feline roommate has their own interpretation of events as they occur, and they willfully interject them into Captain Sakka’s account of the day-to-day madness.

Over the next 70 days, the animals will see just how far into madness isolation will send their beloved human servants. Their only hope of survival is each other and a plate of chicken gizzards.

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Remember when they wore pants