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Start the New Year with the Resolution to Laugh and Read More Humor

Just in Time for Your New Year’s Resolutions, Advice from a Toaster Explores Living Life to the Funniest


Denver, CO. January 2020. Yes, laughing every day makes you feel good, and when you feel good, you do proactive things like breathing, or so says humor writer R.J. Rowley. And why is she talking about the power of laughter? Because she’s the author of a new satire Advice from a Toaster: Volumes 1 -3, a collection of self-help guides for the sarcastic. Each volume targets a common topic of New Year’s resolutions: fitness, relationships, and longevity.

Rowley says, “It’s a scientific fact that laughing is good for you. I know this because I took a science class once in college. It’s also a fact that you feel happier, sexier, and overall better about life when you’re laughing.” From her bungles with exercise to her grapples with grief, Rowley has turned her life lessons into a how-to guide designed for people looking for reasons to laugh at life.

Rowley used her personal experience navigating the complex culture known as The Gym to create a travel guide for fitness novices in Advice from a Toaster: Volume 1: Frankenstein’s Guide to Rejuvenation. Meanwhile, Volume 2: Kama Sutra for the Stupid is a modern, Darwin Awards-style twist on the ancient book of love. In Volume 3: Mortality Smortality, Rowley faced down her own grief process to create a heartfelt and humorous manual for others in mourning. She does not shy away from confronting mortality and the high price of coffin accessories with the kind of gentle honesty that reminds us that it’s okay to face our fears and laugh at our own “grief brain.”

As the new year begins, pick up a copy of Advice from a Toaster: Volumes 1 -3 and get ready to feel healthier, sexier, and utterly invincible after you’ve had a good laugh.

For more information on Advice from a Toaster: Volumes 1 -3 and other books in Rowley’s growing library, visit www.bexly.org/books, follow @bexlycomedy on FaceBook and Twitter. Review copies available upon request at somebody@bexly.org.


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